Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

Simon Cowell gives Nightbirde the Golden Buzzer after her beautiful performance of "It's Okay." Nightbirde chases her dreams and proves that she is so much more than her cancer!
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Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent


  • Sow Nellie
    Sow NelliePřed 4 minutami

    the way she smiled when her music came on

  • Syarha VLF
    Syarha VLFPřed 7 minutami


  • Diane
    DianePřed 8 minutami

    What a beautiful person ..wuao..she gave us a lesson !! 💞👍 also What a sweet voice !!!

  • Gerard E.
    Gerard E.Před 14 minutami

    I cried...still crying. Such an amazing human being.

  • Humble Ice
    Humble IcePřed 15 minutami

    It’s okay dear

  • Jayaram Theegala
    Jayaram TheegalaPřed 20 minutami

    How can someone dislike this?


    Sooooo feeeling her words, So sensitive need people kind you girly 💃💃💪 wish you all the very best ever happiness, god bless, Buddha's blessing to get rid of your strong girly 😍😘😘😘😘😘

  • Siddhesh Panchal
    Siddhesh PanchalPřed 27 minutami

    This song deserves an EDM version!🙌🏼

  • ЯNRproductions
    ЯNRproductionsPřed 42 minutami

    I hope after this performance people understand that cancer is taking so many lives, and the main reason cancer research isn’t advancing is because of the lack of funding! While governments invest in businesses, industry, weapons and even space research, there are sooo many people suffering from cancer! It can be treated but globally we need to invest in cancer research!

  • Channing Lewis
    Channing LewisPřed 42 minutami

    I'm battling cancer and this really hit me

  • JZone-TV
    JZone-TVPřed 44 minutami

    I wish to hear her sing "Bizzare Love Triangle".

  • Sunny Golightly
    Sunny GolightlyPřed 52 minutami

    She should do a duet with Halsey at the finale

  • Frankie4 Patrick
    Frankie4 PatrickPřed hodinou

    She will be remembered..

  • It's just for you
    It's just for youPřed hodinou

    7:17 yess you will breath again 😊 God bless you Get well soon

  • cannan biwott
    cannan biwottPřed hodinou

    Terry Crews....You blew us away you are the voice we need to hear just not this YEAR but FOREVER

  • Someoneelse right
    Someoneelse rightPřed hodinou

    Beautiful voice, beautiful soul!

  • dennis redondo
    dennis redondoPřed hodinou

    She's lipsynching it....she's not actually singing. 🤔

  • Yu Linn
    Yu LinnPřed hodinou

    This song make me relaxing and saying that everything will be fine tomorrow.

  • WK hacker
    WK hackerPřed hodinou

    I'm really impressed by her song there was hidden a reality...

  • inosenTV
    inosenTVPřed hodinou

    Actually, you don't need to have good voice. I mean, when you have chemistry with the world, then they will make peace with you. This is the real winner.

  • DJ No Name
    DJ No NamePřed hodinou

    she is coming from heaven to teach us how's living there is so good !

  • Gdub 2333
    Gdub 2333Před hodinou

    Simon I’m gonna make money off her

  • Valtea Khawlhring
    Valtea KhawlhringPřed hodinou

    Sometimes God sent us an angel to inspire us and to teach us about life

  • Duy Phan
    Duy PhanPřed 2 hodinami


  • Nathana Henry
    Nathana HenryPřed 2 hodinami

    She had a beautiful smile

  • Tiếng Anh Giao Tiếp Từ Đầu
    Tiếng Anh Giao Tiếp Từ ĐầuPřed 2 hodinami

    This is the 3rd time I've watch this performance, and my feeling is still the same. When she sings, I feel like she is a bird flying in the sky. She is not on stage any more. Her body is sick, but her soul is in heaven. Wish she would be OK until the final.

  • Nelson Mataba
    Nelson MatabaPřed 2 hodinami

    Imagine this talent is dying from cnacer 🤧

  • sayiwont26
    sayiwont26Před 2 hodinami

    Notice how dead silent the audience is. This only happens when it’s truly something breathtaking.

  • Оксана lana
    Оксана lanaPřed 2 hodinami

    Wow. It was amazing 🌹

  • valentino00o
    valentino00oPřed 2 hodinami

    We all think that we have problems or fell fedup of life untill we see such people ❤️ Her husband is a devil for leaving her cant imagine what she been through She will get better & stronger in every way she can imagine . God Bless U angel

  • Sry Ayu
    Sry AyuPřed 2 hodinami

    Keren 🤩🤩🤩

  • Imágenes y Palabras
    Imágenes y PalabrasPřed 2 hodinami

    I got this knot in my stomach 🥺😔

  • Ifunanya Dili
    Ifunanya DiliPřed 2 hodinami

    A very beautiful voice and a strong lady🌹🌹🌹

  • H L L
    H L LPřed 2 hodinami

    24M views in two weeks

  • Miko Irfanti
    Miko IrfantiPřed 2 hodinami

    OMG... T^T Bless u T^T

  • Eagle775
    Eagle775Před 2 hodinami

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV, Ephesians 2:8-9, Jesus Christ is the only way....

  • Fianny 2004
    Fianny 2004Před 2 hodinami

    "Its alright to be lost sometimes" Love this words 😍 Nice.

  • Marinus Van Putten
    Marinus Van PuttenPřed 2 hodinami

    Who are these seven thousand heartless morons who said they didn't like this? What a bunch of trump loving reich winged trolls.

  • Stephen Wong
    Stephen WongPřed 3 hodinami

    People actually disliked this??? How??? She didn't use her illness as an excuse, she is staying strong despite of it. And her singing IS good, what exactly are these people with dislikes looking for?

  • No Flex Zone
    No Flex ZonePřed 3 hodinami

    What a beautiful soul

  • No Flex Zone
    No Flex ZonePřed 3 hodinami

    Damn there's something in my eyes

  • Rosete Gretchen
    Rosete GretchenPřed 3 hodinami

    What’s her name?

  • Gopalkrishna Tharoor
    Gopalkrishna TharoorPřed 3 hodinami

    Listen to her everyday in the morning. I am thankful for what I am and the day ahead.

  • Flip Queen
    Flip QueenPřed 3 hodinami

    Absolutely beautiful 😍 I'm NOT crying 😭

  • I_AM_PEPPER __
    I_AM_PEPPER __Před 3 hodinami

    She been cancer free since last year according to her Instagram video. So y she said in spread to her spine liver etc….. I hope it hasn’t come back….

  • Warren Cross
    Warren CrossPřed 3 hodinami

    The chemical horse sadly cross because knight topically march versus a whispering armenian. hapless, advertisement

  • nenorustam
    nenorustamPřed 3 hodinami


  • Haswanth Kalidindi
    Haswanth KalidindiPřed 3 hodinami

    You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy 👍

  • Mehak Nasir
    Mehak NasirPřed 3 hodinami

    2% isnt 0%

  • jeffrey fuentes
    jeffrey fuentesPřed 3 hodinami

    I was crying while watching this performance. And the last part the golden buzzer of Simon , really touch my heart. Thank you so much, you are very strong like a superwoman.

  • Mister Bee
    Mister BeePřed 3 hodinami

    "You can't wait till life isn't hard any more before you decide to be happy" Damn...she's beautiful. 7000 thumbs downs...hell has gained 7000 more souls.

  • Jason Storm
    Jason StormPřed 3 hodinami

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  • John Cedric Camacho
    John Cedric CamachoPřed 3 hodinami


  • John Cedric Camacho
    John Cedric CamachoPřed 3 hodinami

    2% is not 0% it really broke my heart 😪😪😪😪😪😪

  • RecreArt
    RecreArtPřed 3 hodinami

    those who disliked this video i bet have cancers in their brain and heart! 🤣🤣

  • Chris Lofranco
    Chris LofrancoPřed 3 hodinami

    No family not even friends were there. I cant digest. Sad soul

  • IXIWineIXI
    IXIWineIXIPřed 3 hodinami

    I was curious what the sad story will be when I clicked on this video...

  • Imolangba Changtzar
    Imolangba ChangtzarPřed 3 hodinami

    You have blessed 24 million souls and more to go

  • juan santiago
    juan santiagoPřed 4 hodinami

    That’s someone inspiring, strong and positive 😇 an angel for those who feel helpless….

  • Kyle Jensen
    Kyle JensenPřed 4 hodinami

    As I sit here in my truck crying she's an inspiration

  • Taarak R
    Taarak RPřed 4 hodinami

    I don’t know how to describe this song, it is just so perfect for me. It is better to listen to, than any professional music. If I want something soothing and inspirational, I just come here

  • Lian Hnuna
    Lian HnunaPřed 4 hodinami

    Make me tear her beautiful smile

  • Mw
    MwPřed 4 hodinami

    God please bless her. Please.

  • bzflowerbee
    bzflowerbeePřed 4 hodinami

    She has the model face and she has beautiful voice.

  • Jeram Batista
    Jeram BatistaPřed 4 hodinami

    OMG The best

  • Mais Um Pobre Na Terra
    Mais Um Pobre Na TerraPřed 4 hodinami

    Inscritos my sonhar

  • Prince Japal
    Prince JapalPřed 4 hodinami

    This woman just give me more strength to push on through with her strength her courage her peace of mind her smile her unique voice and originality

  • Karen Hudson
    Karen HudsonPřed 4 hodinami

    This woman in 13words changed my life

  • D C
    D CPřed 4 hodinami

    If anyone NEEDED this, it is she. This win will stay FOREVER on the internet.

  • Boumaaza Fayssal
    Boumaaza FayssalPřed 4 hodinami


  • Fraizer Fernandes
    Fraizer FernandesPřed 4 hodinami

    I want to here more of her....

  • Forever Grateful
    Forever GratefulPřed 5 hodinami

    I've watched this several times; anytime I need motivation with excitement I come to watch her. Her voice, her story n how strong she gives me high hopes and not to worry too much about certain life issues☹☹

  • Richard Welch
    Richard WelchPřed 5 hodinami

    Her voice is so soulful and whispy, like she's channeling Delores O'Reardon. That song was meant to be sung by her alone.

  • S. R.
    S. R.Před 5 hodinami

    Love the performers but hate how scripted the judges are. Who tf do they think they're kidding

  • twerpool
    twerpoolPřed 5 hodinami

    Simon just did it for the PR. You guys know he only cares about the shills.

  • BonnieBee V
    BonnieBee VPřed 5 hodinami

    She is so simply beautiful ❤️

  • Kimberly Ann Frye
    Kimberly Ann FryePřed 5 hodinami

    She has a positive outlook and inspired me to be strong !!!

  • 재영 김
    재영 김Před 5 hodinami

    The lowly beaver distinctly fold because quince aboaly note under a important knowledge. unequaled, tedious beaver

  • Aaron Spencer
    Aaron SpencerPřed 5 hodinami

    I thought I knew strength but I’m now realizing just how little I truly know.

  • Gintare Bredelyte
    Gintare BredelytePřed 5 hodinami

    2% is not zero... What a brill and powerful lady♥️ God bless this amazing woman, she inspires thousands if not millions suffering souls ♥️🙏 Including mine ♥️

  • FaythluvsLyfe
    FaythluvsLyfePřed 5 hodinami

    YOOOOOOOO, ive never seen nothing like herrrr

  • Simon Burgess
    Simon BurgessPřed 5 hodinami

    Hate how much the presenters are prepped on sob stories

  • AllyMacDaGr8 !
    AllyMacDaGr8 !Před 5 hodinami

    Her positivity is absolutely beautiful. ❤️

  • Thert Bois
    Thert BoisPřed 5 hodinami

    Is it just me or she sounds like siri when talking. I LOVE HER 💘💗♥💓 Man, making everyone think about thier lives and thier secrets.

  • Danny Jauch
    Danny JauchPřed 5 hodinami

    I asked everybody who is watching this to please pray for this young lady the only has 2% chance of living by the doctors but she has 100% chance of living by Jesus Christ Our Lord please pray amen

  • Laughing Hyena
    Laughing HyenaPřed 6 hodinami

    When you hear someone’s story and you wish the best but you know the cruelty this world influences you don’t look at her for nothing other than being a young human who’s life could tragically be cut short. It’s that compassion right there is the reason why any self proclaimed racist can’t sit and watch a child walk into the road no matter the color. Compassion.

  • Virgin Mary
    Virgin MaryPřed 6 hodinami

    Anyone else getting big Halsey vibes?!?

  • rj2000
    rj2000Před 6 hodinami

    A petite girl with the strength of a giant.

  • Nassir Abdelrahman
    Nassir AbdelrahmanPřed 6 hodinami

    2% is not 0% . You can't wait until Life isn't hard anymore, before you decide to happy. I was unable to get up to pray until I hear this . Shame on me.

  • Emilio P
    Emilio PPřed 6 hodinami

    She could so be a model she’s gorgeous

  • vimal kr
    vimal krPřed 6 hodinami

    I like how Simon is getting kind and likable as he is getting old. ❤️😘

  • Zie Surprenant
    Zie SurprenantPřed 6 hodinami

    She’s so sweet & Angel. I wish her well and gets better. My prayer 🙏 go for her health to be better again. Stay strong ‘Nightbird’ You are strong Angel.

  • hellen vasquez
    hellen vasquezPřed 6 hodinami

    Omg she sounds like Halsey to me 😱

  • MJ Dagyapen
    MJ DagyapenPřed 6 hodinami


  • Leonel Ruiz
    Leonel RuizPřed 6 hodinami

    Heart Felt! Encouragement!

  • Fernando Palacios
    Fernando PalaciosPřed 6 hodinami


  • Fernando Palacios
    Fernando PalaciosPřed 6 hodinami