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Logan Paul Reacts To Jake Paul And Floyd Mayweather *FULL VIDEO*


  • Caught On Camera
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  • William Dalton

    William Dalton

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    New labourer

  • William Dalton

    William Dalton

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  • Jeffrey Williams

    Jeffrey Williams

    Před měsícem

    This is Canada???

  • Vam Monaco

    Vam Monaco

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    *#GOTCHAHAT* Yes, the stunt was immature and juvenile, but is anyone surprised? He's Jake Paul! Now what really surprised me was Floyd's _nuclear_ response. Man, he wigged out hard! A huge part of Jake's success is due to two factors: *a)* His opponents underestimate him. *b)* Jake gets into their heads. For Mr. Floyd, Jake having the mental advantage could distract him in the ring and result in devastating consequences. *WHAT WOULD BEN ASKRIN DO?* It's really embarrassing how a 44 year old man worth $500 MILLION (that's half a billion) got so triggered by a 22 year old troll snatching his $20 hat. Ben Askrin laughed off all of Jake's taunting and trolling- and I highly respect Ben for that. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Mr. Money. You would think Floyd would have thicker skin at his age. But that's that's not the worst part... Floyd punching Jake while a dozen of his bodyguards restrained him was a big-time, certified, grade-A, organic, grass-fed *SUCKER MOVE* And you say you're the greatest? Then take him man-to-man! And I still haven't got to the worst part of it all... *THE LAST STRAW* _“These CSmy girls better find some Barbie dolls to play with"_ *-Floyd Mayweather.* Okay, I'm done with you. And this really is the absolute worst part of all of this. I used to hate Jake Paul, but Floyd has pushed me into his corner by constantly trashing the CSmy community. Without missing a beat, he goes on TV and relentlessly downplays CSmyrs as if we're not humans with hopes and dreams, or people capable of doing big things. At this point, I would stand by the ring and squirt Gatorade into Jake's mouth. Like it or not, PewDiePie or Markiplier ain't putting goves on, so Jake's our guy and I truly hope he knocks Floyd out.

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  • Ethan  ultreras
    Ethan ultrerasPřed dnem

    Floyd Mayweather I don't really like them that much but I think Logan Paul is winning and he's going to run but I'm just

  • Jamy Semeatu
    Jamy SemeatuPřed 7 dny

    Logan Paul can talk, act, and sometimes and be a 12 year old, but his mindset is so much mature then it was before. He got interviews about what he had to say about his first fight which was with KSI, and he said, and I quote “KSI humbled me” Instead of Logan trying to say shi about KSI he speaker humbly and respectfully about KSI. Jake still acts like a child tbh, but that’s why he’s still learning to be more mature

  • tripple zzs Mcgowan
    tripple zzs McgowanPřed 9 dny

    Gotcha hat

  • Tim Ridolfi
    Tim RidolfiPřed 11 dny

    Jake Paul getting his ass kicked was awesome let's just let it go he'll teach a kid lesson

  • Bibi Sabreen
    Bibi SabreenPřed 12 dny

    Obviously he didn’t like it!! He just got a hair transplant!! And Jake ruined Floyd’s Toupee’s Debut!!

    NSANASAPřed 14 dny

    Love how Floyd says fake fighters when there are people who know how to keep score on a boxing fight say Logan won

  • Northern Pikes
    Northern PikesPřed 15 dny

    Clickbait channel

  • 19havoc71
    19havoc71Před 17 dny

    The CSmy Kardashian brothers are nothing but little bitches. If they really wanted to box they would throw themselves into fighting real boxers, in real weight classes. But they are smart just like the Kardashians. They make money of people that are dumb enough to watch them. How boring does one persons life have to be to watch people on tv or internet with no talent n bring nothing special.but then again look at our last President. Rest my case.

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  • Austin 123
    Austin 123Před 19 dny

    Got your hat 😂😂😂

  • Koloax
    KoloaxPřed 19 dny

    Damn its good seeing Jake Paul injured by Floyd Mayweather

  • James Derheim
    James DerheimPřed 19 dny

    He said fuck this life

  • Junior Junior
    Junior JuniorPřed 20 dny

    Crazy how Jake pretty much humiliated and berated the sports makes you not even wanna watch lol

  • 헤헤 헬로 키티   ;D
    헤헤 헬로 키티 ;DPřed 21 dnem

    half the people:📷📱🎥📸

  • Ian Rickard
    Ian RickardPřed 22 dny

    His face when he took his hat

  • Shivam R
    Shivam RPřed 23 dny

    Floyd gets angry at Jake Laul for Hat. Logan Paul : Damn, imma gonna get my butt whooped now

  • Vanessa Garza
    Vanessa GarzaPřed 25 dny

    What wrong whit jake pou steal him hay lol 🤣 it funny jake poul cool and jake poul steal agiqn logan poul hat lol it funny

  • [💎👑] AxuzqR  ✓
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  • Cayden Ballou
    Cayden BallouPřed 25 dny

    GG Paul walker

  • Emanuel Murgia
    Emanuel MurgiaPřed 27 dny

    Jeje puso

  • _1nfinite_
    _1nfinite_Před 27 dny

    How the hell is this fake this is real

  • •iiiSokia•
    •iiiSokia•Před 28 dny

    I found it funny ‘GotCHA haT’

  • Derek Bain
    Derek BainPřed 28 dny

    Privileged people look at things so weird... “all he did was take his hat” for one, thats assault to take his hat off his head. Two, that shit was disrespectful af, a 50-0 legend u step up to when u have 3 or 4 AMATEUR fights. He got what he asked for, disrespect isnt taken lightly by people who always received it.

  • P
    PPřed 28 dny

    Imagine Floyd getting knocked out, i would be devastated

  • Meghan Cepeda
    Meghan CepedaPřed 29 dny

    jake paul deserved this shit. you can’t act like a fuckin four year old to a grown mans (that could twist you up in a ball and throw you to timbuktu) face, then expect him to do nothing LMFAOOO. he even cried, awww. yk that shit hurt. as soon as it all ended too, JAKE WANTED TO TRY AND PLAY IT OFF AS MARKETING MERCH HAHAHHA LMAOOO. boy you and your brother got it in store to get that as tapped. 🥲

  • David Vidaurre
    David VidaurrePřed měsícem

    Yea Swear Floyd Mayweather anit hood

  • Sourav Maharana
    Sourav MaharanaPřed měsícem

    These 2 brothers are misusing their fame

  • Sourav Maharana
    Sourav MaharanaPřed měsícem

    Cheap act by jake

  • Sourav Maharana
    Sourav MaharanaPřed měsícem

    The deserved it

  • Albert Gongora
    Albert GongoraPřed měsícem

    I'm just going to say this is an entirely separate comment I do think it's childish not just for Jake Paul stealing Floyd Mayweather's hat but also for Floyd Mayweather to react the way he did I mean for god sakes the man is a forty-three-year-old retired boxer I'm pretty sure he's a little more than that now but he could have handled the situation better and his guards could have handled it way more better I highly doubt he sending people to go kill him for a fucking hat because that man's not so that's why I highly doubt this man is going to go after Logan Paul just over a a hat but I will say this whole entire situation was childish on both sides of my opinion

  • Albert Gongora
    Albert GongoraPřed měsícem

    Alright I'm not going to lie I found this hilarious for so many reasons why I do love the fact that he's all I got your hat just to get dropped I don't know why but the childish cartoon way he just does it is funny on one part and then him getting in the ship beat out of him is just hilarious and another part I love the fact that boxing day is literally hitting him in the face with a dose of reality that he just got into a fight with a professional boxer that literally went hand-in-hand with Conor McGregor now I heard some rumors that there was money involved for both Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather and look I'm not trying to be a controversial person because I think both of them are amazing fighters in the way they do their Sports when it comes to the world of fighting and how it works

  • Mr. House 房先生
    Mr. House 房先生Před měsícem

    jake thought he was Conor at that moment. Lol

  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly BeanPřed měsícem

    We need to know what Eldest brother Logan thought about this whole thing.

  • Zebaa
    ZebaaPřed měsícem

    Torilla tavataan

  • Leadjy Denis
    Leadjy DenisPřed měsícem

    Stfu y’all so white he didn’t get jumped 🤣

  • Никола Поюков
    Никола ПоюковPřed měsícem

    Its always funny when some american softie is trying to lecture people about fights. If jake got jumped by floyd and his team of bodyguards jake would be having his face reconstructed right now. If those guys werent there to stop floyd jake would have recieved the beating of his life

  • viral viruz
    viral viruzPřed měsícem

    He stole your hat no cap lmao🤣

  • Junius Piluk
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  • My Humble Opinion
    My Humble OpinionPřed měsícem

    How about Jake Paul was acting childish and stupid. He should never have taken Floyd's hat, so it was Jake's fault and I think making so much money on CSmy has left feeling empty. Get a real job Jake.

  • GreyHound
    GreyHoundPřed měsícem

    It aint about the hat its about the Respect.

  • Trippy McHippy
    Trippy McHippyPřed měsícem

    I'll shake any hand that's punched Jake Paul

  • Daltira
    DaltiraPřed měsícem

    4:20 WRONG... He said in his video he knew he was going to do it. But then later in this video..... you said the opposite.

  • Shaan Anderson
    Shaan AndersonPřed měsícem

    Jake is a clown 🤡🤡🤡

  • Marcus Roberts
    Marcus RobertsPřed měsícem

    Don’t ever touch another man’s hat. That’s how I was raised.

  • smoque wun
    smoque wunPřed měsícem

    Saddest thing is Jake's trending so much more now. Clout is a drug

  • smoque wun
    smoque wunPřed měsícem

    Might I just say that blazer floyd has on is fire🔥🔥👍

  • Rosh Stanly Pening
    Rosh Stanly PeningPřed měsícem

    Floyd Mayweather sucks and his bad habit

  • franky Lard
    franky LardPřed měsícem

    “ Did he deserve to get beat up for a hat?” It’s not about the hat. It’s the disrespect. He very well asked for and deserved it 💯💯💯💯💯

  • OJ Pimpson
    OJ PimpsonPřed měsícem

    Quit making jake paul look good you p.o.s. fanboy

  • FreezyHD
    FreezyHDPřed měsícem

    It's not "just a hat" it's disrespect you don't take another man's hat off, imagine doing that to a marine or veteran, its not a funny joke its stupid and what kids in do in school

  • Gabriel Vasquez
    Gabriel VasquezPřed měsícem

    That hat is gonna be worth a lot of money!

  • Amy May
    Amy MayPřed měsícem


  • Shelvushawty😮‍💨
    Shelvushawty😮‍💨Před měsícem

    It’s funny

  • Tina R
    Tina RPřed měsícem

    Mayweather going 2 fuck him up

  • Abishek Pradeep Kumar
    Abishek Pradeep KumarPřed měsícem

    He hurt floyds pride. Tbh he deserved it for all he has done,kinda hoped they landed more shots. :

  • michaeljhjr
    michaeljhjrPřed měsícem

    Why he don't call out mike Tyson

  • michaeljhjr
    michaeljhjrPřed měsícem

    Why he don't go for mike tyson

  • Abel Marquez
    Abel MarquezPřed měsícem

    Got your hat shit . this lil boy never kicked it in the hood. Never would have made it away withouth getting stomped

  • Abel Marquez
    Abel MarquezPřed měsícem

    You guys are funny . call out the cartel. See what happens. Since you guys have balls. Challenge a hitman for millions c mon .

  • Aaron Alvarez
    Aaron AlvarezPřed měsícem

    Why he fight Jake play for a hat lol

  • Aaron Alvarez
    Aaron AlvarezPřed měsícem

    Jake good

  • Aaron Alvarez
    Aaron AlvarezPřed měsícem

    This is cazny

  • IcY
    IcYPřed měsícem

    3 dear so

  • TENTACLE father
    TENTACLE fatherPřed měsícem

    You can even see him run off because he knew he couldn't stand there

  • TENTACLE father
    TENTACLE fatherPřed měsícem

    Jake straight disrespectful like that's why people didn't like the way he treated ben askren

  • Nicki Tyler
    Nicki TylerPřed měsícem

    Hope to see punch drunk Paul’s taking interviews when I’m a old man 😂

  • Damien Veals
    Damien VealsPřed měsícem

    Yea he got jumped by the body guards what was it that he expected to happen? Did he expect them to just let him run threw and do whatever he wanted to? Everything is a joke to him because he is a joke, he pushes everyone around because he’s weak so he needs to make him and everyone else think he isn’t. No Jake didn’t deserve to get beat up over a hat he deserved to get beat up because his character, he deserves to get beat up because he’s a bully who has had life handed to him so he acts like he looks down on everyone. I’ve never watched a pro fight in my life but I can’t wait to watch that one.

  • tik ravaj
    tik ravajPřed měsícem

    What a gay...GAYWEATHER about pacman give them a rematch.....

    CLASH KINGDOMPřed měsícem


  • Alobaidi M
    Alobaidi MPřed měsícem

    If you decide to remove a man headgear you should already considered few changes to your face 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Scarecrow
    ScarecrowPřed měsícem

    1:03 nice editing, my guy. Repeating the same thing twice

  • hot bread
    hot breadPřed měsícem

    it wasn’t just the hat thing, during the conference he interrupted the press conference touching floyd’d shoes calling them dirty and took his hat. it’s like a little kid who’s already in trouble breaking/something that belongs to his parents on purpose right in front of them while sticking out their tongue to retaliate ... it’s disrespectful, childish, and ya gonna get cha ass whooped

  • coenie stoltz
    coenie stoltzPřed měsícem

    Floyd should pull himself from the boxing match with logan and tell the to brothers to go #@$k them self. Logan should kick his little brothers a&& for embarrassing him

  • obelix 3500
    obelix 3500Před měsícem

    I just hope floyd make him kiss the canvas

  • Oeung Vireakboth
    Oeung VireakbothPřed měsícem

    2:13 look at how scare jake is LOL

  • Thomas Ingram
    Thomas IngramPřed měsícem

    Where's. The footage of him crying "I got your hat" 😩

  • Strider
    StriderPřed měsícem

    This right here is how they are going to sell paperviews and it is obviously working. Everyone is so fucking gullible these days.

  • The Retirement Report
    The Retirement ReportPřed měsícem

    Mayweather is a street thug whio beat his onw wife. Seriously, what kind of champion beats a woman?

  • David Roberts
    David RobertsPřed měsícem

    When you realize how short floyd is 🤣

  • A A Ron
    A A RonPřed měsícem

    After Floyd said, "I know what he did to Japan" then Logan replied, "Is this you trying to rally a whole country" Then afterwards Jake took Floyd's hat because he saw how upset Logan was about Floyd talking about Logan and Japan.

  • Brian Estelow
    Brian EstelowPřed měsícem

    All BS!! Bye

  • Ryan Freeland
    Ryan FreelandPřed měsícem

    Logan should separate himself from his douchebag brother.

  • warwolf killer
    warwolf killerPřed měsícem

    I would've beat the shit outta jake

  • lul 3
    lul 3Před měsícem

    Dramatic about dying over a hat listen to yourself 🤦🏽‍♂️ if anyone knows floyd they know he not finna kill someone over that but he was disrespected i wouldve reacted the same anyone from the hood understands these disney boys are sweet an havent lived it to know but the fight will show it✌🏽🕊

  • Gibson S
    Gibson SPřed měsícem

    Hey if you feel a certain type of way about it, then you don't get it. Also, probably gonna pre-order this fight. $$$

  • Mr.Mustafa
    Mr.MustafaPřed měsícem

    CSmy kid finally got kicked in his ass by a real boxer instead of fighting MMA fighters what a clown.

    KINGS JOKER 204Před měsícem


  • B-ron E. Fauzta
    B-ron E. FauztaPřed měsícem


  • Mister Vacation
    Mister VacationPřed měsícem

    Calvin Coolidge didn't say everything Floyd.

  • Nino Camacho
    Nino CamachoPřed měsícem

    Is all good show...I ain't seeing that WWE shit, I rather watch the real fake WWE shit then this...P.S I already know who's gonna win dat Bougie ass fight ....."Mayweather wins"

  • Tyler Magie
    Tyler MagiePřed měsícem

    Jake was disrespectful but like floyds body guards are on some pussy shit to jump him

  • Brian Garrett
    Brian GarrettPřed měsícem

    I'd expect a white person to defend another white person ain't nobody jump that white boy he brought it on himself Floyd handled that all on his own and the bodyguards was trying to pull him off of the white boy

  • Xavier Mateo
    Xavier MateoPřed měsícem


  • Happy little Bunny :D
    Happy little Bunny :DPřed měsícem

    Jake is a young immature grown man who thinks everything a joke it wasn’t because Floyd was a baby caring about that hat it was the fact that Jake was being disrespectful

  • Drew T studios
    Drew T studiosPřed měsícem

    And jake and logan all there fight where hand pick like any one who wants to winning streak they never fight like big time dosn't mean you had 3 pro fight dont mean you can take on the best and top fighter out there

  • Drew T studios
    Drew T studiosPřed měsícem

    Floyd pays bodyguards to protect him form them. Not protect them form him get that right. And jake after Floyd's pouch jake he was breeding if you watch closely in the whole video

  • Gary Stephens
    Gary StephensPřed měsícem

    I hate to fucking say it, but.. The Paul brothers are taking over, and can't nobody stand it. They are making tidal waves in the entertainment industry, and anything they do they catch on and adapt. They've been boxing for 3 YEARS and look what they're doing.

  • Slack Starfish81
    Slack Starfish81Před měsícem

    They both underestimate Floyd

  • Farrell Hilliard
    Farrell HilliardPřed měsícem

    In our world, never mess with a black man family, money, food and of course...... hats. Hats was always apart of our lives. Every "HOOD" knows to that! This ain't staged bruh!!