Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment

Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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  • star amaan
    star amaanPřed hodinou

    Who allowed him??

  • SpartiuS94
    SpartiuS94Před hodinou

    This is gonna be one confusing piece of work for archeologists in a couple thousand years.

  • Parvin Gurbanov
    Parvin GurbanovPřed hodinou

    Bir nəfərin işi deyil bu. Az osdurağa basın

  • The sh4d0w Gamer
    The sh4d0w GamerPřed hodinou

    this isnt minecraft stop destroying the mountain one day it will collapsed

  • Joey Wong
    Joey WongPřed hodinou

    Well, the good part is he don’t have to pay rent for an apartment. How lucky of him….

  • Bektas Alibekov
    Bektas AlibekovPřed hodinou

    Гора из мыло что ли ковыряет на легке, бля делать нехрен, купи нормальный материал дом без франтонов это не дом а нора

  • Ayushi Bej
    Ayushi BejPřed hodinou

    Do not ruin nature I repeat do not!

  • P KT
    P KTPřed hodinou

    Like a tomb

  • I M
    I MPřed hodinou

    So mans causal walked up to a mountain and said ahhh new home now

  • Gunawan Setyono
    Gunawan SetyonoPřed 2 hodinami

    Amazing...skill up.... incredible bro👍👍👍

  • luyen hoang
    luyen hoangPřed 2 hodinami

    tao là ai bạn có bán ko mua bạn lại 10tr USD kkk

  • Phương Venus
    Phương VenusPřed 2 hodinami


  • Сатторов Илхом
    Сатторов ИлхомPřed 2 hodinami

    Человек с золотими руками

  • Labrikorn _
    Labrikorn _Před 2 hodinami

    i bet he has better internet than we in germany.....

  • Акулина Я
    Акулина ЯPřed 2 hodinami

    Родился человек с руками

  • Rag
    RagPřed 2 hodinami

    Human greed cant be fulfilled.

  • 쉬크한이실장
    쉬크한이실장Před 2 hodinami


  • Van Hattfield
    Van HattfieldPřed 2 hodinami

    I think his name is 弗雷德·弗林斯通. (Fred Flintstone in simplified Chinese) 🙄🙄🙄

  • Cretaceous-Sea's
    Cretaceous-Sea'sPřed 2 hodinami

    It's amazing what you can do with Sandstone..if it had been Granite or Marble etc, Sandman would of called it quits on the 2nd day.

  • teena
    teenaPřed 2 hodinami

    CNN in 2050 "Archeologist have discovered an ancient cave in which they believe was built by an advanced alien civilisation..."

  • Sha Robb
    Sha RobbPřed 2 hodinami

    I love this also because no one can charge him rent 😄

  • Deela
    DeelaPřed 2 hodinami

    My Buddhist motherland is full of such cave dwellings made over 1500 years ago by the then people for the benefit of the meditating monks. Because Forests are the rare places where the 4 elements within the human body ( fluids, matter, heat, air ) can be allowed to blend peacefully with the same 4 elements of the surroundings... Any mild disturbances to the forest feel caused during the completion of the simple dwellings would have been more than compensated by the peace and calm in the atmosphere brought in by the meditating monks May these newcomers to forest dwellings respect and preserve the beautiful, soothing feel of the Virgin forests... Because ..modern man's pace of activity is Way faster than the pace of the Mother Nature

  • Pirate8mycheeto
    Pirate8mycheetoPřed 2 hodinami

    Minecraft irl

  • Francine
    FrancinePřed 2 hodinami

    No eye protection?

  • anh nguyen
    anh nguyenPřed 2 hodinami

    Digging ur grave

  • Lawsy Lawsy
    Lawsy LawsyPřed 3 hodinami

    Best Minecraft build video

  • Angry Warrior Tacklebox421 2A
    Angry Warrior Tacklebox421 2APřed 3 hodinami

    Now that’s a man cave

  • rsgametech1
    rsgametech1Před 3 hodinami

    Chinese shire Wuhan hobbit, goes by the name Freddie Frodo Lee.

  • Peter Fraumeni
    Peter FraumeniPřed 3 hodinami

    Tha took only 5 years to complete

  • Peter Fraumeni

    Peter Fraumeni

    Před 3 hodinami

    The day he finished his work transferred him to a new facility 500 miles away...

  • avi mae
    avi maePřed 3 hodinami

    What a fitness routine.

  • Blue 6
    Blue 6Před 3 hodinami

    I feel bad for the guy because the Chinese communist party will take everything that he made!!

  • John Yan
    John YanPřed 3 hodinami

    What a back breaking job but with sweet results.

  • Eden Williams
    Eden WilliamsPřed 3 hodinami

    And to think cultures used to do this without power tools! And make elaborate villages!!

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuyPřed 3 hodinami

    I love how he used the parts that he cut out!!

  • Avocado47
    Avocado47Před 3 hodinami

    Cant wait for the next earthquake

  • Jon Lim
    Jon LimPřed 3 hodinami

    Goggles, gloves and ear plugs please

  • Absol D Salos
    Absol D SalosPřed 3 hodinami

    These Minecraft updates are getting insane.

  • SoYEs2 2019
    SoYEs2 2019Před 3 hodinami


  • zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    Před 3 hodinami

    This guy is the epitome of jack of all trades.

    STEPHEN HAWKINSPřed 3 hodinami

    I would love to do that! Awesome

  • tony rains
    tony rainsPřed 3 hodinami

    Pretty amazing.

  • ЦАРЬ ПростоЦарь
    ЦАРЬ ПростоЦарьPřed 3 hodinami

    Лет через 10-15 нам расскажут что эту пещеру выдолбили Пещерные люди бронзовым зубилом. И будут туда водить экскурсии и вешать лапшу на уши

  • Ced Burner
    Ced BurnerPřed 3 hodinami

    The important slipper naively brake because daniel genetically supply within a round bone. light, soft existence

    PHON KHAMMAKPřed 3 hodinami


  • Daniel Good
    Daniel GoodPřed 3 hodinami

    Until it caves in

  • Rudra Naik
    Rudra NaikPřed 3 hodinami

    Minecraft in Real Life

  • Abyss 4 tube
    Abyss 4 tubePřed 3 hodinami

    Unreal I’d live in there in a second!beautiful work!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • M G
    M GPřed 3 hodinami

    Вот что можно,имея в 21м веке шурик,балгарку молоток и всё можно сделать если есть желание и смекалка😊

  • luong cuong
    luong cuongPřed 3 hodinami

    Lúc nó sập chết lai ko cứu nổi

  • G T
    G TPřed 3 hodinami

    Love what this guys doing. Wear saftey goggles though!!!

  • Freud Espacial
    Freud EspacialPřed 3 hodinami

    Sand Rock ? Looks soft to dig

  • vee
    veePřed 4 hodinami

    This guy is the epitome of jack of all trades.

  • Lamar Gtaら
    Lamar GtaらPřed 4 hodinami

    He Is the type of person I want to be with if something happen to the world

  • Arkananta Raditya Alhafiz
    Arkananta Raditya AlhafizPřed 4 hodinami


  • GunWing Eagle
    GunWing EaglePřed 4 hodinami

    This is pretty cool but I'd be curious to know how erosion is going to affect it. I dont imagine you can take that much out of a rock face and not have some water issues

  • Viola Pacca
    Viola PaccaPřed 4 hodinami

    Chissà se gli faranno pagare le tasse 😂😂😂

  • AyJay
    AyJayPřed 4 hodinami

    Imagine planning out the construction wrong and the whole thing just collapses on you, lmao

    SLEEPLESS in SEATTLEPřed 4 hodinami

    Simple words - You Sir, are a very creative and talented man. Thank you in give us a live tour from beginning to the awesome end. Enjoy your new "man cave" that will be the envy of many men to come... Sleepless in Seattle.

  • Marie Reveuse
    Marie ReveusePřed 4 hodinami

    C est solide tu pourrais pas louet un petit logement je ne pren s trop de place juste moi et mon chat

  • cho hat
    cho hatPřed 4 hodinami

    지진나면 클나요

  • Northwest Nerd
    Northwest NerdPřed 4 hodinami

    I know two guys who can do this with machetes only

  • Donny
    DonnyPřed 4 hodinami

    I would've done a few things differently but it's pretty good, all he needs to do is create a few more to rent out

  • Oscar Geronimo
    Oscar GeronimoPřed 4 hodinami

    ...ok.. what is the CCP up to now?

  • Esteban Rodríguez
    Esteban RodríguezPřed 4 hodinami

    talk about man caves...

  • Gupt Tura
    Gupt TuraPřed 4 hodinami

    'dad where are we going to live? on mountains in a cave baby...what!!! I thought we did that thousands of years ago!!!!

  • Nəriman Sadıqov
    Nəriman SadıqovPřed 4 hodinami

    He is completely gijdıllax 😂👌 Unbelievable 😱

  • Myummy Kawaii
    Myummy KawaiiPřed 4 hodinami

    One earthquake and you're done.

  • Renee Williams
    Renee WilliamsPřed 4 hodinami

    Now that's a real man!

    BFIT AMXLPřed 4 hodinami

    Know x . Can me

  • C M Tippens
    C M TippensPřed 4 hodinami

    I know nothing of how to use these tools so forgive my question but, once the "core" sections are cut, how are they cut out from inside the holes?

  • Doge Master
    Doge MasterPřed 4 hodinami

    Holly Molly ! Flint Stone Era , Loves it!! I would dress like one living in this cave.

  • Debashis Das
    Debashis DasPřed 4 hodinami


  • Goo goo
    Goo gooPřed 5 hodinami

    Do Stone Age in use of tools?

  • PlootyLuvsTurtle
    PlootyLuvsTurtlePřed 5 hodinami

    this is what i imagine my minecraft mountain house to be before i build it

  • Cameron Sealy
    Cameron SealyPřed 5 hodinami

    what type of material is he digging into?

  • Esfirra sem h
    Esfirra sem hPřed 5 hodinami

    Minecraft players in first night:

  • Charles Tucker
    Charles TuckerPřed 5 hodinami

    I’m mostly surprised with how he managed to do it in 15 minutes

  • Mbuso Mandlase
    Mbuso MandlasePřed 5 hodinami

    Nicely done with POWER TOOLS .. Those Primitive tools people mustn't lie to us.

  • Mei Yoke Lee
    Mei Yoke LeePřed 5 hodinami

    Wow, with such energy and dexterity. What’s he going to do after his mega project finishes?🤔 Well done in any case.😍

  • KlumsyK
    KlumsyKPřed 5 hodinami

    Minecraft IRL

  • C B
    C BPřed 5 hodinami

    That's incredible! This guy's a beast!! ❤💪💯

  • Mr. Global free
    Mr. Global freePřed 5 hodinami

    After doing all that hard work and the government tell you you cannot live there🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Marcia Isaias
    Marcia IsaiasPřed 5 hodinami

    Amei 😘❤️

  • Karen Jones
    Karen JonesPřed 5 hodinami

    Well done!

  • 김륜정
    김륜정Před 5 hodinami

    You did all that on your own? Man is a really scary animal.

  • adeawf
    adeawfPřed 5 hodinami


  • 6rban100
    6rban100Před 5 hodinami

    Imagine ancient Egyptians built the pyramids and sphinx with high-end tech tools 🧰

  • Marcia Isaias
    Marcia IsaiasPřed 5 hodinami

    Boa ideia quando o vento forte passar a 100 km a montanha não sai do lugar. Nota 💯

  • Hodmokrin
    HodmokrinPřed 5 hodinami

    His little circular saw was interesting.

  • Calvin Barriga
    Calvin BarrigaPřed 5 hodinami

    That was cool

  • Ehhh
    EhhhPřed 5 hodinami

    Imagine almost being done and then an earthquake happens

  • Mary Zabala
    Mary ZabalaPřed 5 hodinami

    your awesome !

  • Sherry Westendorf
    Sherry WestendorfPřed 5 hodinami

    Amazing. Now that is talent and a lot of hard work.

  • Ram caiD
    Ram caiDPřed 5 hodinami

    looks like a fail to me... no moisture barrier? not good

  • Edgar Serna
    Edgar SernaPřed 5 hodinami

    This is what I want to do.

  • Truth Time2112
    Truth Time2112Před 5 hodinami

    Amazing. Just pure willpower. Mind over Mattter. Human infenuity. Opposable thumbs & perfect plumbing solutions. Keep Posting PLEASE

  • Cayla Rogers
    Cayla RogersPřed 5 hodinami

    What kind of Rock is that?

  • Anakalia32
    Anakalia32Před 5 hodinami

    Where do I go to buy a mountain? Lol

  • Perk Ooi
    Perk OoiPřed 5 hodinami

    I wanna work for this guy!