Minecraft LEGO Sets Are Illegal

How accurate are the Minecraft LEGO sets? Do they break any rules of the game? Today, I build and explore several Minecraft LEGO sets to see how much attention to detail their creators paid to the game. Are they cursed? What will I find? You might be left saying, "Wait, that's illegal!" Stay tuned to find out!

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    it is illigeal i agree

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    I don't see why the Legos need to be accurate to the game to a t after all we are comparing Legos to a video game legos wont nessesarly be 100 percent accurate more likely then not but they are accurate enough. Or even with the ores how do legos 100 percent depict ore in game its not possible

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    Forget Lego characters are similar to Roblox!

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    What is wrong with this mushroom? a) The mushroom is the wrong colour b) The mushroom is the wrong color

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    OK zoomer, now let me take you back to 1999 and the Phantom Menace podracer sets that inexplicably had ORANGE energy binders when in the movie they were clearly purple!

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    Have you seen the hoglins they looks so weird I hv a nether set I hate how it looks also that chicken banner you are able to make I’ve don’t it AND I have made it just kinda off but it’s still good

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    why do i still play with legos

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    I built the creeper mine in minecraft

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    Okay we get it mysterore the lego Minecraft sets aren’t perfect why are you making such a big deal of it

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    Is it just me, or is it trigging how he says the chicken banner is illegal because it isn’t in the game. Even though you can make that banner from scratch, and it probably was.

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    But somehow I made the chicken on the banner

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    I have the chicken coop set and I really liked it and I built it in the game it was really good

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    I noticed one more saying the chest isn’t shaped like a square

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    Who cares this wsa made for kids who play minecraft and or legos not grown men so they can critique something being to big or to small. Because a child wont complain about a circular cake because its literally just legos.

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    Illegal? Am i going to jail now?

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    I agree but stop faking the injury first vid I watched or urs sub

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    You calling me a noob because I have that Lego set the creeper one so you calling me a noob Because I have that creeper Lego set and don’t say creeper banners aren’t a thing because creeper banners are a thing I can prove it to you I’ve made 20,000 of those OK I’ve only made like 10 but still you calling me a noob because I have that Lego set

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    This is an outrage and it must be changed

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    That is why u buy lego star wars

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    YOU are illegal

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    um ackshually the creeper mine's placement at the border of a desert and mesa is not that improbable, and there could be a hill in that mesa. gold ore spawns all the way at the surface in mesas so it is entirely plausible

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    Okay no that cake is a crime

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    Is this a video a joke?

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    On the last set there’s lava flowing on water THATS ILLEGAL

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    How to find down is possible if you add mad number blocks underneath

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    1:15 Minecrafters: cercle blocks don't exist MysteryOne: a cercle cake?!

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    No lego and roblox are together because they look the same

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    The only problem i had is how to play with this set?

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    Oh my goodness how did he flipping forget his password

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    dude you need to change your name for the video Minecraft sets aren't illegal it's just a couple differences

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    @Vid me too

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    I think this video is just a joke

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    Look guys! Another CSmyr who complains about a game and something with an age printed on a box. Does no body look at the age on the boxes. Also not everything is perfect, so no need to complain

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    rip the killer bunny in survival

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    The new copper blocks are almost exactly the shade of green for the creeper

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    The reason why this stuff exists is because of Mars like what did you just star Minecraft and you've never seen mods before

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    Well for the past few years Lego has been making inaccurate sets not only for Minecraft but to other franchises for example Star Wars

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    yeah i actually agree i am a minecraft player to and the lego version of minecraft is ridiculous and inacurate.

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    You can get the skeleton too

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    mysteryore you're overreacting so what if a mushroom is in the wrong spot

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    okay we get it mysteryore the lego minecraft sets aren't perfect why you making such a big deal out of

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    The creeper farm like you said. Is in a mess biome. Gold spawns more in a Mesa. So you wouldn’t have to dig down since gold spawns common in mesas

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    i got a video idea.Build a Minecraft Accurate lego build with this inaccurate lego bricks

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    The Lego cake is a lie

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    The tan wool is actually wood

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