So I tried speedrunning Pou and it was way too cute to handle


Yes, this is a speedrunning video for a game about taking care of an alien pet, Pou. You might be asking how you speedrun this game, and the answer is the minigames of course! The Pou speedrunning community is extremely strong so I'm happy to speedrun such a beloved game.
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Watch the Sky Hop any% world record speedrun here:
And there are a lot more. Just go to the speedrun leaderboards to see them.
My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!
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    CHANNEL DELETEDPřed 6 hodinami

    i used to have this game for free and it scared the 🍟🍔 out of me

  • Echo
    EchoPřed 13 hodinami

    I played this game only for sudoku

  • ghostflame18
    ghostflame18Před 20 hodinami

    i made a speedrun too :) good way to kill time

  • Norbert Valter Kalocsai
    Norbert Valter KalocsaiPřed dnem

    when he said poo is hard i felt that

  • Anna B.
    Anna B.Před dnem

    You cannot call yourself a gamer if you haven't played this game when you were younger at a restaurant while waiting for your food

  • Renjun's Teefies
    Renjun's TeefiesPřed dnem

    it's pou as in 包 bao, which is a chinese steamed bun, not poo lmao

  • CrynzxGamingANDarts
    CrynzxGamingANDartsPřed 2 dny

    I still play it today qwq

  • angry bichon frise
    angry bichon frisePřed 2 dny

    nostalgia eeeeee

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce WaynePřed 2 dny

    *But we're not gonna talk about that*

  • Raynman Plays
    Raynman PlaysPřed 5 dny

    "Pou is hard." There are all sorts of over the counter medications to help with that.

  • Zakkattacc
    ZakkattaccPřed 5 dny

    he's not poo he's pou

  • Jade the unicorn
    Jade the unicornPřed 5 dny

    Pou brings back so much memories

  • robe lover
    robe loverPřed 6 dny

    I remember this game from my childhood

  • a
    aPřed 6 dny

    1:20 as a Geometry Dash speedrunner I find this offensive.

  • VaronaVin
    VaronaVinPřed 7 dny

    3:14 hcr copied hill drive

  • Scp-049
    Scp-049Před 7 dny


  • just an SDR fan here
    just an SDR fan herePřed 7 dny

    I fricking love pou! I haven't played this game in 6 years lol.

  • celine
    celinePřed 9 dny

    Now i wanna play it again

  • Prinz Eckard
    Prinz EckardPřed 10 dny


  • Kaze_Eggroll
    Kaze_EggrollPřed 10 dny

    Wasn’t pou free I’m mad

  • Phoenix Naegi :p
    Phoenix Naegi :pPřed 10 dny


  • Logie Bear
    Logie BearPřed 10 dny

    You should speed run shopkins the game

  • Logie Bear

    Logie Bear

    Před 10 dny

    World two

  • Rosie_Moonie
    Rosie_MooniePřed 10 dny

    I remember me and my friends would play this on the bus lol

  • Jspr
    JsprPřed 10 dny

    I just abused my pou

  • parand
    parandPřed 10 dny

    I feel old now lol

  • TGT
    TGTPřed 11 dny


  • Toya Todoroki
    Toya TodorokiPřed 11 dny

    I forgot about this game, I would take care of my Pou like it was my child. Gave it a night routine, morning routine, got really sad and felt bad when it was sick. This was my entire childhood.

  • Shannon S
    Shannon SPřed 11 dny

    I played this game on an ancient android tablet

  • gaimer minecraft
    gaimer minecraftPřed 11 dny

    Maincraft gamer me is

  • thebestmario467
    thebestmario467Před 12 dny

    this was the first game i downloaded on my old phone

  • MrRakvalen
    MrRakvalenPřed 12 dny


  • AnnaBanana13
    AnnaBanana13Před 12 dny

    I’ve never played this.

  • Pedro Arroyo
    Pedro ArroyoPřed 12 dny

    I have the app

  • Deleted Memoriez
    Deleted MemoriezPřed 12 dny

    does any of yall have an icloud account with pou purchased

  • Joanne Griscti
    Joanne GrisctiPřed 13 dny

  • Krunchy_Kiri
    Krunchy_KiriPřed 13 dny

    My childhood: Pou, Subway Surfers, Geometry Dash, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja (I think that's what it's called), The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time, The Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask, and way more which I'll probably add to the list if I remember.

  • WhAt? • 4 years ago
    WhAt? • 4 years agoPřed 13 dny

    Ahhh Pou, one of the game that completed my childhood.

  • Valery The Wolf v2
    Valery The Wolf v2Před 13 dny

    Who remembers that one game i think.. Fun Run? A bloody racing game of animals 👁👁

    XX GOULZ XXPřed 13 dny

    "Yeah I'm a gamer" The game:

  • Janelle Lauronal
    Janelle LauronalPřed 13 dny

    this unlocked a memory i didn't even know i had

  • Cracker
    CrackerPřed 13 dny


  • •Night Stxrry•
    •Night Stxrry•Před 13 dny

    My fav game is food fall, good damn, those food look delicious Screw this,im playing this

  • Selena Wright
    Selena WrightPřed 13 dny

    This has unlocked a memory I didn't know existed

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob ThomasPřed 13 dny

    Now this is the definition of a pro gamer

  • Swingin'DoorSusan
    Swingin'DoorSusanPřed 13 dny

    Thanks for the memories :)

  • {•AURORA•}
    {•AURORA•}Před 13 dny

    I love pou

  • randomdude
    randomdudePřed 14 dny

    The nostalgia is too much

  • Soup_Addict_
    Soup_Addict_Před 14 dny

    Hold on, $2?!?!??!? Maybe they made it cost money? Idk but i could’ve sworn on my life it was free- Context: 4:36

  • Soup_Addict_


    Před 11 dny

    @TOM The Animator oh yeah i guess i did have an android back then. Damn that was a long time ago.

  • TOM The Animator

    TOM The Animator

    Před 12 dny

    It's Free on Android He's Probably On Apple App Store

  • Layla Paz
    Layla PazPřed 14 dny

    I remember when i played this lol 👏 👁👄👁

  • GhostYoutube
    GhostYoutubePřed 14 dny

    ahh yes

  • Arctic Wolf Official
    Arctic Wolf OfficialPřed 14 dny

    Lol i still play this from time to time. Man i used to love this game as a kid

  • Loqqi _
    Loqqi _Před 14 dny

    My Pou probably chillin' with all his poops rn

  • barpe
    barpePřed 14 dny

    That made me install pou again :D so many memories!

  • ArcherTube_0156
    ArcherTube_0156Před 14 dny

    We all played this as a kid and that's a fact

  • Gabb._.
    Gabb._.Před 14 dny

    It was my first game ever played 😂😂💯

  • Flea
    FleaPřed 14 dny

    pou is hard? ...i could help it with that

  • fischl gf
    fischl gfPřed 14 dny

    wait i just noticed ... pou.. poo... i knew years after i got bored of this game... that they are poo?

  • All about Butera
    All about ButeraPřed 15 dny

    Sky hop mini game was my top 1 favourite mini game in this game

  • YeleeXGaming
    YeleeXGamingPřed 15 dny

    *Me that plays connect the dots for fun* ...your bad

  • Jollly Runz
    Jollly RunzPřed 15 dny


  • mia_ _joke
    mia_ _jokePřed 15 dny

    on androids pou is free and on apple its not thats weirdddd

  • bitterblue ಠ_ಠ
    bitterblue ಠ_ಠPřed 15 dny

    Playing this game on your moms iPhone 4 while she got her hair cut >>>>>>

  • Rebecca Gonzalez
    Rebecca GonzalezPřed 15 dny

    This brings back memories

  • Silver Fox
    Silver FoxPřed 15 dny

    Bruh I used to play this when I was younger omgggg

  • Caio
    CaioPřed 15 dny

    Dream is jealous

  • 가릴
    가릴Před 15 dny

    eeyy this game was the shit but idk why it somehow was boring when I tried replaying by myself

  • Scenecore_Glitter09
    Scenecore_Glitter09Před 15 dny

    nostalgia thi

  • _pinapplegacha wolf_
    _pinapplegacha wolf_Před 15 dny


  • Aero
    AeroPřed 15 dny

    lmao i pronounce his name as "poh" for some reason, and i dont know why this game was fun

  • •LL1NKQH•
    •LL1NKQH•Před 15 dny

    I used to always play this-

  • Arul Polo
    Arul PoloPřed 15 dny

    My mom love playing this game

  • Bread _
    Bread _Před 15 dny

    i remember playing this when i was a little kdi

  • Sha Blox
    Sha BloxPřed 15 dny

    When I was young I thought his poop were the civilians or his friends

  • yes no
    yes noPřed 16 dny

    5up voice twin??

  • van xml
    van xmlPřed 16 dny

    CSmy is getting real comfortable with these double unskippable ads

  • utterlysaudade
    utterlysaudadePřed 16 dny

    Wait was I the only one who pronounced pou as po? 💀

  • Nixa45q_ _
    Nixa45q_ _Před 16 dny

    To pou theres no end to the game... But you actually speedrunned it..

  • GumBellan
    GumBellanPřed 16 dny


  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua ZoldyckPřed 16 dny

    playing pou and my talking tom was how i coped with my childhood trauma

  • Alyssa Mischa Khaira
    Alyssa Mischa KhairaPřed 16 dny

    I used to play this when I was a kid.....

  • gay rights
    gay rightsPřed 16 dny


  • Anthony Chea
    Anthony CheaPřed 16 dny

    that pou connect game be looking kinda sus tho

  • Frank Makes Bank
    Frank Makes BankPřed 16 dny

    U did bad because u didnt have dreams music

  • Super Colonel Bingus
    Super Colonel BingusPřed 16 dny

    nostalgic af, brb lemme download pou again

  • Bella
    BellaPřed 16 dny

    The sounds of Childhood in Pou....

  • 1romeo
    1romeoPřed 16 dny

    Thinking back to When I was a kid, why tf did I play a game about a pool with eyes

  • TimmyMaster
    TimmyMasterPřed 16 dny

    pou is a weird game but I love it

  • mark tuan
    mark tuanPřed 16 dny

    pou is seriously the only game you’d ever need in life... the amount of time i invested in this game back in the day omfg

  • bob themouse666
    bob themouse666Před 16 dny

    You know, this game never once struck me as weird until you mentioned "we are literally bathing a piece of poo". HOW DID MY TINY CHILD BRAIN NEVER CONSIDER THE FACT THAT I WAS CARING FOR A SENTIENT PIECE OF EXCREMENT

  • Brady Nokes
    Brady NokesPřed 16 dny

    You gotta speedrun Bob the robber

  • chihiro fujisaki
    chihiro fujisakiPřed 16 dny

    I played this when i was 5-8

  • DankMumbas
    DankMumbasPřed 16 dny

    I remember playing this on my dads old samsung as a kid good old days

  • Peter John
    Peter JohnPřed 16 dny

    Pou is poop im not lying

  • SadiqJack
    SadiqJackPřed 16 dny

    eh remembering i played gta vc and pou

  • Hadi Fawaz
    Hadi FawazPřed 16 dny

    only ogs remeber when it was free :(

  • Pancho xd
    Pancho xdPřed 16 dny

    Thanks for putting me in your video :D

  • Phorcyst
    PhorcystPřed 16 dny

    m y c h i l d h o o d

  • Maud Schoenmakers
    Maud SchoenmakersPřed 16 dny


  • Shady_Senpai
    Shady_SenpaiPřed 16 dny

    Hold on hold on, it's pronounced poo??

  • Bumblebee
    BumblebeePřed 16 dny

    Pou sadly costs money now on ios :((