Twenty One Pilots - Choker (Official Video)


Twenty One Pilots official video for "Choker" from the forthcoming album Scaled And Icy, available May 21st on Fueled By Ramen.
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Directed by Mark C. Eshleman for Reel Bear Media
I don't bother anyone
Nervous when I stand
Choking on the circumstance
Only smoking secondhand
Cut us open, spread us out
Dry us in the sand
Lay the fibers side-by-side
And you'll begin to understand
I know it's over
I was born a choker
Nobody's coming for me.
...coming for me
I don't bother anyone
Never make demands
Choking on the circumstance
Self-sabotage is a sweet romance
Seems like all I'm worth is what
I'm able to withstand
Sooner I can realize
That pain is just a middle man.
I know it's over
I was born a choker
Nobody's coming for me.
I see no volunteers
to co-sign on my fears
I'll sign on the line
I'm gonna change my circumstance
I know I need to move right now
I know it's over
I was born a choker
Nobody's coming for me.
(only smoking secondhand)
Like a little splinter
buried in your skin
Someone else can carve it out
But when you've got the pin
It hurts a little less
and you can even push it further in
When your body's screaming out
Trust your mind's listening.
Like a silhouette that you can barely see
As the shadow casts upon the ground
where you'll eventually
lay forever, but the day goes on
the sun moves behind you
You get taller, bolder, stronger,
and the rear-view only blinds you
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    6 years later and these poor lads are still stressed out😆

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    Thought it's a real gun

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    2021:✔️ 2022: 2023: 2024:

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    Cosmic MorningstarPřed 53 minutami

    Look, look, look. Their lyrics fucked me up then, their lyrics fucked me up now. Thank you.

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    Michelle McDonaldPřed hodinou

    U mean josh?

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    1:21 "Can I have this?"

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    This is what tyler gets for singing while josh is pushing chlorine tank....

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    I never seen the band that never make bad music , 21 pilots its best artist around rn, ngl

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    twenty one pilots is now Twenty One Pilots

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    no one: cashier: *causally pulls out a gun*

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    Teo BotezPřed 3 hodinami

    i didn t know why i felt that tyler and josh had something i saw somewhere else, but now it clicked! 3 words: Phineas and Ferb

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    So deep and beautiful like all the others

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    I like how the cashier is reading a book instead of going through their phone

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    Pinche canción espectacular ♡

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    BRB gotta go listen to taxi cab because this gave me those vibes and it’s my favorite top song 🥲

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    Tyler as a toy is cute kkk

  • Eric Sigwing
    Eric SigwingPřed 11 hodinami

    I’d like to put in my theory, though it’s unlikely. I’ve seen a lot of theories about anti capitalism but what if it’s anti socialism? In the breakdown or whatever he talks about how it hurts worse when someone else puts the needle in and but it hurts a little less when you got the pin and you can push it further in when your body’s screamin out trust your mind listenin. Couldn’t that be talking about government and the way they insist on holding the pin and removing the splinter themselves instead of allowing you to remove it yourself? And the body is you being harmed by an over reach but your mind is your mind knows to see it? Just a thought

  • GetBob45xD
    GetBob45xDPřed 11 hodinami

    I have a friend that is called Bruno that he said me in my math class says listen to the twenty one pilots sogs because there are so much good.. well he was right the songs are so much good I like them a lot

  • Jason Jacobsen
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    When Josh is chasing Tyler with the net gun, neither of them had shadows. I just thought that was interesting.

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    These lyrics are very stupid when you think about it

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    esta canción es un nuevo himno

  • saturday
    saturdayPřed 12 hodinami

    I feel that this song is more for the fans, we could even interpret it as a way of venting when the platforms happened :(

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    @Creative Weirdo this is just so I can easily replay it sorry!!!

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    if someone somehow notices this, let’s make a thread of lil Easter eggs we find! I’ll start: Ned is on the window outside of the store! Around 2:17 there is a mug on the counter and it has DEMA on it :0 Comment more below!! Let’s help others out! 💙

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